Tell us what you need !

One size does not fit all: you might simply need a helping hand at the end of the year, or a daily updated general ledger.  In a complimentary initial meeting, we invite you to tell us about your project. Together we define your needs exactly.

Setting up in business

Avoid the many pitfalls of starting a business in Switzerland:

  • Choice of corporate vehicle
  • Registering with the necessary social and tax institutions
  • VAT registration if required
  • Obtaining a special tax status if available.
  • Domiciliation service in the World Trade Center
  • Postal address and mail forwarding service
  • Corporate directors and liquidators
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Accounts & Bookkeeping

We cover all aspects of accounting from daily accounting input to production of year-end financial statements, group accounts, consolidation and statistical analysis.

Tax Services

We can help you with your personal or company tax declaration for any Swiss canton. Our service is pro-active – if we see ways for you to be more tax-efficient, we will let you know and show you how to actually save money by paying lower taxes in complete legality.

Tax law is constantly evolving. It is the company’s policy to keep abreast with all the changes and pursue continuous professional training.

Late in filing your declaration? Did you know that in most cantons, fiduciaries can obtain longer extensions to the deadline than private individuals or companies. If you need extra time to file your declaration, let us request an extension on your behalf by clicking here.

Representation before tax authorities: In the event of queries from the tax authority or if you believe your tax assessment is incorrect, we can represent you or your business before the tax authority to ensure your best interests are upheld.

American tax: we are recognised by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as registered tax return preparers.

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Tax review: Let us review your current situation and tell you how you could be doing things differently, and paying less tax.

Salary management

Salary management can cost the uninitiated very dearly. We will guide you through the process from the start – declaring your new employee to the correct authorities, obtaining the right work permit if required, and producing the monthly salary advice. Not forgetting the many annual declarations to be made.

Tax-free pay: did you know that higher-paid employees could qualify to have part of their salary tax-free? Get in touch for more details.

Tax refunds: if you are taxed at source, you may be eligible for a refund. We can help you find out, and guide you through the process.

Audit services

We offer various types of audit such as non-statutory, ad-hoc and internal audits. With our help you can do things more efficiently and profitably.

Settling into Switzerland

If you have just arrived in Switzerland there may be many things which are new to you. See our special page.